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Записаться на консультацию
at Michurinsky Center of beauty and health
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Welcome to the site of the Center of  beauty and health at Michurinsky!

Our Center is located in the western district of Moscow, in a cozy quiet courtyard in the middle of Michurinsky prospect (avenue). We have been existing  for over 10 years since 2000 and during  all that time our forces were sent to  the health concerns, and as a result  to the beauty of our patients!

The Center's activities - all kinds of services aimed at the prevention of aging, correcting age-related changes and, what is important recovering the whole organism.

 We offer the range of services  to our patients, which is very wide, we operate on products , which have the highest quality and prices of our services are not high.

Our center is equipped with the latest modern equipment, allowing to solve the problems associated with age-related changes, correction, improvement of health, such as, for example: laser multifunction installation Palomar StarLux500 (U.S. production), vacuum massage device LPG Cellu M6 Keymodule i, (produced in France) , SPA-capsule NeoQi Mediq, ozone therapy apparatus "Medozone Ltd." BM-03 and many other things.
All  the experts of our Center are  professionals who are constantly expand knowledge in their field of specialization: systematically receive additional training, participating in various seminars and master classes, have all necessary certificates for the job. Doctors of the Centre have a huge experience in cosmetology, dermatology, stomatology. Many of our physicians have the unique author's techniques. Most patients of our center solve their health problems on the program, individually designed for them.

Also,  the  beauty experts of our center will help the patients in the aesthetic issues, because when we're healthy, we so want to be beautiful!

Center administrators will advice on all your questions in detail.
We are happy to take care of you!

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