Записаться на консультацию
Записаться на консультацию
at Michurinsky Center of beauty and health
8 (977) 702-94-70
+7 (495) 734-40-70, 8 (495) 734-34-34


Center of beauty and health at  Michurinsky is located at:
Moscow, Michurinsky Prospekt 54, Building 2.

Our contact numbers: 7(495)734-34-34, 7(495)734-43-43, 7(495)734-40-50, 7(495) 734-40-70.

We work every day, all day and weekends, from 10-00 to 21-00.
If you get to us by public transport, then it is most convenient to get to metro station "Prospekt Vernadskogo, the first wagon from the center out of the subway to the left, continue until the end of the underpass to the left, bus № 494 to stop the" House of Culture " cross street Ramenki and go to Michurinsky  prospect ,then go to the opposite side of Michurinsky prospect, then into the yard, the second line of buildings.

If you get to us by car from the Moscow Ring Road, after crossing the street Michurinsky prospect  with street Lobachevsky the first turn 180 degrees to the right store Kopeyka, further at the right side pharmacy and exchange point,  then  turn to the right in the yard, the second line of buildings.

If you get to us by car from the centre of the city, after the store Kopeyka, pharmacies and the exchange point , located  to the right side from you,  turn to  the right into the yard, the second line of buildings.
We are on the ground floor of a detached building, reveted  by gray tiles, our entrance is made mark by  the signboard of The Center of beauty and health.
Our administrators are always happy to help you find a way for us, please call!

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